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At The Law Office of Bruce Flamenbaum, in Diamond Bar, I focus my practice on California family law. I believe that solutions to family law legal problems must take into account the real world in which we live our lives. Whether your case involves divorce, ending a nonmarital domestic relationship or child custody, I will work directly with you to find solutions that reflect your values and how you intend to live your future.

Even divorces that start out uncontested often end up involving complicated, unforeseen disputes over spousal support, parenting rights and property.

Family law is like no other area of law. In addition to the legal concerns of dissolving a marriage or custody, there are often emotional issues that cloud our judgment. What may seem to many like a common sense solution to ending a violent relationship, for example, becomes complicated when the abused spouse must consider the financial and emotional impact of leaving the marriage. A same-sex couple who has decided to end their domestic relationship may be confronted with real-world problems of who keeps the house and how a retirement savings account should be split up.

Although I practice primarily in the area of California family law, serving clients throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, I have more than 35 years of experience across a broad range of legal areas, including:

  • Divorce: Creative solutions to related issues such as custody, spousal support and property settlements
  • Same-sex relationships: Including dissolving domestic relationship agreements, division of property, custody and stepparent visitation
  • Paternity litigation: Including paternity litigation, child support, parenting rights and enforcement
  • Post-judgment modifications: Including relocation petitions, changes to child support obligations, visitation schedules and restructured alimony
  • Domestic violence: Including restraining orders and other legal options for orders of protection
  • Estate law: Including wills, trusts and probate

A Successful Outcome Begins With A Successful Client-Lawyer Relationship

If you are facing a family law challenge in Los Angeles County or elsewhere in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, call me, attorney Bruce Flamenbaum, at 909-859-0458.